Grey Stain kitchen cabinets

If you buy new furniture or refurbishing old ones, a new spot on the wood in the kitchen can make your cabinet design stand out as if it were new.

Stain kitchen cabinets will not be too difficult if you are comfortable with small renovations and repairs. key steps to make the process go smoothly is to prepare well in advance to work in an industry where you have enough space, and always be very careful with the stain.
Stain kitchen cabinets
As the name suggests, the wood stain not easily removed should go somewhere you do not want.

Although we can only hope the project goes without incident, we can talk through the process; starting with the materials and the preparation you need to do in advance on how to paint your cabinets, and ends with how to put everything in place after.

Collect documents

If you plan to paint unfinished new Stain kitchen cabinets, it is not likely that the sand. However, if you restore the cabinet design already installed more is needed before old finish and staining the sand.

If you need sand, get two different types of paper, perhaps 110 grit and grain 220. You will also need a drill or screwdriver to disassemble your closets, and some small plastic bags to keep the hardware. Get rags and products for basic cleaning and also some writing paper.

A towel will be useful to cover the earth and give space to work. An open space such as a garage is the place, and work in a well-ventilated place is highly recommended.

You’ll also need to stain you will use, as well as polyurethane to finish the job. Choose colors that enhance or improve the design of your office, and use oil-based polyurethane with oil-based wood dye. Some of these will go a long way.

Staining your Stain kitchen cabinets

Start by removing all the hardware for your cabinets, including hinges. Arrange the pieces on the canvas, and put the material in the bags. Mark everything with the writing paper to remember how to put it all back.

If you need sand, lightly sand each piece with the heavier 110-grit sandpaper before. Then use the finest 220-grit sandpaper. Do not spend much time on this step, but the design of your wardrobe because if you are thorough.

Then use the cloth to rub the stain in the parts of the cabinet. Go with the grain of the wood, and do not apply too thick. Let it dry and give a glance: it should be darker? If so, you can apply more layers until you have the right shade.


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